Whether you elected (or were forced) to get the vaccine or not, this mandate has been an interesting test regarding a State Rights vs Federal Government rule.

The initial onset of Covid-19 brought a lot of confusion, shock and fear.  Americans didn’t know the what, where and why of the virus. We were experiencing massive sicknesses and deaths and looking for our “leaders” to help us navigate through the crisis as safely as possible.

But as time went on, more and more questions began to appear,  experts that didn’t go along with the approved narrative were silenced, medicines that had been around for years and appeared to have some positive treatment effects, were mocked and then became almost impossible to purchase.

The vaccine that was forced to the point that if not taken,  jobs were terminated, the ability to enter a college campus denied, and the unvaccinated  barred from public restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Covid-19 crisis, in my opinion, will go down as one of the most telling example of State Rights vs Federal Rule.

Whether it be the mask mandates, the shutting down of businesses, the loss of employment, the threats and punishments of not taking the vaccine and the loss of Federal funding – take your pick – it was the show down of show downs.

The Federal OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) declares that what they determine takes precedence of any conflicting state laws.  Laws introduced and passed by representatives elected by the people of that state!  Scared yet?

Fear and confusion can make many go along with just about anything that is sold as an answer.  What just happened will be a learning experience for anyone elected to a leadership position and for those of us under their authority.  But whose authority are we under?  Whose authority wins the day? And do we have any personal authority during these times?

Apparently some Governors are/were pushing back on what they determined were decisions granted to them.

In the meantime with a new state election cycle is quickly approaching, we had better make sure the backbone and focus of those we will be placing our lives and livelihoods in the hands of.