Every individual state is unique.  Unique in its traditions, its history, and for many their state’s obvious assets/resources.

Interesting article about the Montana Petroleum Association announcing they are going back “online.”

The ability for what’s considered a small producer of oil is only allowed because this is one commodity not controlled (yet) by Big Government.  And states are individual and can act on that fact.  There’s not one big land mass that is able to be totally controlled by the Federal Government.

It’s another example of the ability to stand against the “agenda” control a majority in federal government can try to instill on the masses.  In some cases we may not like “it” and have the ability to act that dislike, thanks to state governors and state legislators.

There is some interesting information provided from those who operate oil wells on our soil.  In America we do have the resources to impact/assist the citizens of our country on many levels. 

Here is the other side of what else is contributing to the high pump prices. Fuel costs affect every aspect of our lives, driving and buying.  Not quite what’s being reported on the majority of the news stations.

States need to retain their rights and their autonomy.  To have a choice of 50 places you can move to that best reflect your values or provide the job you are specialized in, is a gift.  One not to be taken for granted and worth the fight to maintain The Plan or Blue Print the Founders laid out.

I’ll leave you with two paragraphs that I hope pique your interest enough to make the quick read.  The media is pumping you with their talking points about the high price at the pump.  It’s never all that they want you to believe.

“In addition, Olson said that as producers began to increase production, federal regulations soon to be implemented by the Biden administration are creating a lot of unpredictability in the industry.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty that the industry is facing with upcoming new federal regulations,” he told The Western Journal. “You know, we had a lot of discussion over the methane fee that was part of the Build Back Better bill.”

Here’s a link to the whole article: