Election laws and proposed legislation seem to be of the utmost importance after the 2020 election.  The changes are focused on the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections. No need to explain the “why” of that.

States across America are looking to make the process more “safe” and “secure.” But to some legislators and this present Administration, they are declaring them more strict and unfair to Black voters (statement in the article).

I’m not here to debate Georgia’s elections laws.  I only want to point out that states should retain the right to propose and vote on their own election laws.  It has been a power that was granted to them and I see many problems with the Federal Government completely taking over and running a mass election cycle.  That goes for whatever party is in control.

The people of each state elect representatives in both the Senate and the House that they feel will (or should) act on their behalf.  What went right, what went wrong in their state election wise, is best addressed by those that experienced it.

One system for all of America seems easier to manipulate or compromise.  If one thing goes wrong – and it usually does – it will impact the whole country not just a state or a precinct.

When it comes to ballot creation, changes and the QVF, who better to address those issues than those that actually live in a particular state and have already been doing the job?

As for a Checks and Balance system?  It’s there. The U.S. Justice Department announced they were suing Georgia over the law(s).  If the Federal Government took over the whole election system and there were obvious problems and concerns, where do you go for “justice” or to challenge?

Below is a paragraph from the article to pique your interest.  There’s also a video explaining the election changes Georgia wants to implement. You may or may not agree on any or all of them.

“They’re coming for you next. That’s been my message to the rest of the country,” Kemp said. “They’re coming for your state, your elections bill, your ballgame. They’re going to cancel your small business.”