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What can you do to help reverse the dangerous growth in the power and scope of the Federal Government? Keep reading…


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First, recognize that your own state has tremendous political, financial, and operational resources with which to resist Federal usurpations of state authority.  If your state leadership is willing, the resources at their disposal are orders-of-magnitude greater than the resources of any individual, private organization, or political party.

But this resistance can only happen if we elect state leaders who are willing to act when necessary and appropriate.  This requires us to support candidates for all state political offices who have formally and publicly committed to champion states’ rights against Federal usurpations.

Between elections, we need to put unrelenting pressure on our state leaders and ourselves to act with courage and conviction to defend our state sovereignty and our individual rights from federal usurpation.

What forms should our unrelenting pressure take?  Here are some tools in our toolbox.

Hold Your State Legislature Accountable to Act:

  • Petition legislators to enact counter-legislation to federal mandates, regulations, and laws that are onerous to your state and that overstep federal authority.
  • If necessary, petition state leaders to push such counter-legislation (if challenged by the federal government) all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Collaborate with groups in other states to petition their state legislators to enact similar counter-legislation, because there is great strength in the combined political mass of united states.
  • Encourage legislators to invoke Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution to petition Congress for a Convention of States to formally change the Constitution to prevent further federal intrusions on state and individual sovereignty. Potential measures include term limits for all federal politicians, requirements for balanced budgets, repeal of the 17th Amendment, personal privacy protections, and reductions in the scope and jurisdiction of the federal bureaucracy.

Hold Your Governor Accountable to Act:

  • Petition the Governor to exercise the office’s full range of legal power to resist federal usurpation of state authority. This range of power includes:
    • Formally and publicly protest to Congress and to the President
    • Expressly nullify federal mandates, regulations, and laws that are unconstitutional or that are beyond the authority of the federal government
    • Use the full legal resources of the state for court challenges to usurpations by the federal government
    • Refuse to use state officials, personnel, facilities, or resources to execute onerous and unlawful federal intrusions.
    • Refuse to accept federal grants or revenue sharing that is contingent on executing federal requirements that are contrary to the state’s interest.
    • Collaborate with other state governors to present a unified front to the federal government on such matters.

Hold Your State Attorney General Accountable to Act:

  • Pressure the AG to refuse to charge or prosecute state citizens who act in good faith to resist unlawful federal intrusion into their lives
  • Pressure the AG to initiate formal legal challenges to onerous federal usurpations, and press them to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary
  • Pressure the AG to collaborate with other state Attorneys General to present a unified legal front to the federal government.

Hold Yourself Accountable to Act:

  • Help educate your fellow citizens by:
    • Sharing the information on this site, especially in our Blog and our Resource Tab, with your circle of family, friends, and social media contacts
    • Requesting help from the OSOR team to host informational meetings, townhalls, and home visits
  • Help educate your children on the importance of state sovereignty and individual rights:
    • Regularly and passionately push back against the collectivist propaganda that permeates the public education establishment
    • Steer your children toward literature, movies, websites, podcasts, and other social mediums that champion the principles of state sovereignty and individual rights.
    • Volunteer to help the many local groups that have emerged to reclaim parental control over the education of our children
  • Seek out other sources of information besides the official proclamations of the Federal Government, which must all be treated as tainted by their tendency to further the power and wealth of the Elites at the expense of Everyone Else.
  • Spend less of your energy and financial resources on supporting national politicians, and more on supporting state politicians who are willing to stand firm against usurpations by the Federal Government.
  • Join OSOR and contribute your creativity and energy to crafting a freer and more prosperous future for everyone. If enough of us link arms to leverage the principles inherent in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, we can stop unconstitutional federal interference in state and individual affairs.

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