What Are We?

“Our State, Our Rights (OSOR)” is a grassroots movement focused on providing information and tools to Americans interested in regaining control of their lives and personal decisions from an over-reaching Federal Government.

How Did OSOR Start?

OSOR was founded by James Keena, an author, educator, and a passionate champion of freedom.   It became increasingly apparent to Jim that Washington, D.C. had become a self-serving elitist oligarchy that could not be fixed through Washington by Washington politicians.  In the framework of the Constitution, the only remaining checks against this dire predicament were the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.  State Sovereignty and Individual Sovereignty became the rallying cries of a group of citizens committed to freedom and to restoring Constitutional principles to our governance.

If your group wants to hear more about this approach, Jim is available as a speaker.  He’s a frequent podcast and radio show guest around the country, and often speaks at town hall meetings and seminars.  He is a critically acclaimed author of books and articles that cover a wide variety of current issues.

To book Jim as a speaker at your event or as a guest on your show, please click here to contact us.

What Do We Believe?

OSOR supports what America’s founders believed – that the individual states have the right and the ability to restrict and reform the Federal Government, and that individual citizens have the right to freely pursue happiness while respecting the similar rights of others.

We believe that the U.S. Constitution is very clear on this, especially with the addition of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.  The Federal Government was created by the states, and it was delegated limited power and authority by the states.  It will be up to the states to insist on restoring those limitations.

Why is this important?

Because OSOR believes that the principles of state and individual sovereignty will be the pivotal political pressure points in the coming decades in America.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that the continual growth in the power and scope of the Federal Government will never be constrained by elitist Washington politicians.  It is up to us common people outside of DC to protect our rights and liberty from that entrenched and self-interested circle of distant power.

The next few election cycles will be critical for electing state-level candidates who will not only move their state in a positive direction, but who will also use their Constitutional authority to counter the ever-growing mandates and overreach by the politicians in Washington.  It is vital that we are represented by state leaders who understand the power of their offices to boldly stand against Washington.

Our foundational principles of limited government and individual sovereignty are under direct assault.  We must protect the right of each state to act autonomously in the context of their unique resources, cultures, and problems.  If all laws and mandates come from Washington, then the authority of state-level politicians will be neutered, and their policy positions regarding state-level issues will be irrelevant. 

If that happens, the individual sovereignty of every person in America will be extinguished in the absence of any effective check or balance against a distant and oppressive Federal Government. 

The mission of “Our State, Our Rights” is to arm voters and candidates with the focus, information, and courage to defend our state and individual sovereignty from Federal usurpation.

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  • “States’ Rights” is a vital check and balance against the Federal Government
  • It is crucial that we elect state-level politicians who have the courage to exercise the 10th Amendment
  • If all political power is usurped by the Federal Government, the roles of state politicians become irrelevant
  • “States’ Rights” should be on the minds of every voter and state candidate in every election cycle

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