State Sovereignty.

Individual Sovereignty.

These are the bedrock political principles of America.  They are the keys to protecting our freedom and to preventing the rise of an oppressive central government.

And yet today we are confronted by a Federal Government that is:

  • Spending and printing money recklessly
  • Burdening our children and grandchildren with a massive national debt
  • Inserting itself deeper and deeper into our private lives
  • Trampling the rights and freedoms of individuals and states
  • Imposing “mandates” and “executive orders”
  • Elevating victimhood above hard work and personal responsibility
  • Instigating class, gender, and racial tension
  • Picking winners and losers in the marketplace (and profiting from it)
  • Colluding with Big Tech, Big Media, Big Education, and Big Pharma to control us
  • Terrorizing us with “crisis” upon “crisis”
  • Drawing us into foreign wars that drain our blood and treasure

How did this happen?  What do we do now?  The answers to these questions do not lie with either major political party, because they are both complicit.  The issue is Washington, D.C. itself, with its entrenched Elites and its tentacles that extend into all aspects of our society.

Get informed, get active, and reclaim your freedom and your country.  It’s time to rally behind the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

The Problem is Washington D.C.

“Big government” in Washington, D.C. is leading us to the brink of ruin and submission. It doesn’t matter which party is in control – Republican OR Democrat. Both are ignoring the constitutional checks and balances the Founders thought to be critical to our freedom – provisions designed to throttle the federal government’s power and hinder its ability oppress a free people.

Big Tech, Big Education, and Big Media are colluding with tainted politicians in an elitist oligarchy that is dictating to the rest of us what we can and cannot do.  Washington politicians promise to represent us when they’re on the campaign trail, but they ignore us after the votes are tallied and pursue their own interests instead.

But there IS hope!

The authors of the U. S. Constitution knew the only way to protect the rights and freedoms of the people was to put that power in the “backyards” of the citizens. By design, “We, the People” have the authority to restrain Washington to its original limited powers.  Self-government has always been the bold vision of America.

“We, the people” have the power to reverse the tide of federal government overreach and put that power back where it belongs, into the hands of our local states.  State and local representatives are elected by US to serve US and should only be accountable to US!  States’ Rights is the only remaining check and balance, because the Federal Government can no longer be reformed through Washington by federal politicians.

We need to stand up for our rights to save our country.

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Our State, Our Rights” is a grassroots movement focusing on providing information and tools to concerned Americans to help them take back control of their lives and personal decisions. This movement supports what our Founding Fathers believed – that the individual states have the right and the ability to restrict and reform the federal government.  Indeed, this power is one of the basic foundations of the Constitution!

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